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Leading Media Relations for the World Anti-Doping Agency during the most tumultuous era in the history of sport, rebooting the Commonwealth brand at its time of need and running PR for one of the Middle East's sporting pinnacles, my track record has led to me becoming a leading communicator in international sport.

one of the top communicators in international sport

I am a senior Sports Communications Professional with over 15 years’ experience and a proven track record of success working for the world’s leading organisations, teams, athletes, events and brands.

With significant experience in the private and public sectors of sport, I have worked for the world’s top sport, business and government leaders in a career that has taken him from the UK to the USA and the UAE to Canada. I made my name developing and executing cutting edge Public Relations strategies that turn heads and put clients firmly “on the map”, whether it be making the World Anti-Doping Agency a truly mainstream organisation, rebooting the Commonwealth Games brand for a twenty-first century audience following decades of decline, or solidifying the Dubai Tennis Championships position as the number one tennis event in the Middle East.

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From managing the most challenging crises in the history of sport to assembling and overseeing the best press offices in

sport, I have a wealth of experience across all facets of today’s communications industry. Discover more of what I do.

I am driven by cause-driven work, whether it is striving to level the playing field through athlete awareness-raising work

at WADA, or highlighting the Commonwealth Games as the most inclusive and progressive global sports event

career-defining experiences

By the age of 25, I was overseeing Communications for the award-winning Dubai Tennis Championships. At 26, I led Middle East Communications for the 2010 Asian Games ‘Road of Asia’ campaign, and by 30 I was heading Media Relations for the World Anti-Doping Agency. It is these career-defining moments that have led to the arrival of Ben Nichols Communications.