Episode three:

food, water, shelter – with chris cracknell


#003 –The phrase always expect the unexpected doesn’t even start to do it justice as a motto for Chris Cracknell’s life. A former decorated rugby international, Englishman Chris captained his country’s national Sevens side, taking them to glory by winning the Emirates Airline London Sevens title in 2009.

Living in West London with in a nice apartment, a flashy car and a comfortable career with the England Rugby Football Union, life was seemingly good for Chris. However, beneath that on-the-surface perception, the change that was to come his way could not come soon enough. A chance phone call from his long-time England coach, mentor and friend Ben Ryan in 2014, changed his fortunes – and his outlook on life – forever. Within a matter of weeks, he was on a plane to Fiji where he was to go on to become something of a local celebrity in a country where rugby is king. As Assistant Coach to the Men’s Rugby Sevens side, he helped Ryan take Fiji to win the first ever Olympic Rugby Sevens title at Rio 2016. As Head Coach of the Fijiana, he also took the Women’s Sevens Side to the quarter-finals in Rio – a remarkable achievement in a country where women’s rugby was not just out-of-fashion, it was near non-existent.

In this compelling episode released to coincide with launch day of Athletes: The Other Side, Chris tells host Ben Nichols how this remarkable story changed his life forever, and led him on to the world of hairdressing, the coffee industry and more.

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Voiceovers provided by actor Henry Hereford (Crossbones, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and True Blood).