Episode seven:

free speech champion – with ali jawad









#007 – Born without legs in Lebanon in 1989, and moving to England at just six months’ old, the word ‘hardship’ doesn’t feature in Ali Jawad’s vocabulary. The Briton, who during his teens was diagnosed with incurable Chron’s disease has always grasped life with both hands, a skill evident by his determination to secure the Para-Powerlifting Silver Medal for Great Britain at the Rio 2016 Games.

Today, he is one of Britain’s most ambitious athletes, and, in an era when free speech is under increasing threat, is a fierce defender of the right to an uncensored athlete voice. His passion for overhauling an athlete-light anti-doping system and advocating for athlete rights has grown no end over the past couple of years, as Ali has taken on prominent athlete committee roles at UK Anti-Doping and Global Athlete.

Ever one to defy the odds, Ali has refused to be a victim of the Covid-19 global pandemic downturn that has affected so many; seeing what is a challenging period for so many as a year of opportunity to spur him on to new ventures including an upcoming mobile App he is set to launch next year. With a plethora of projects on the go, Ali is now targeting going one better than his Rio success, by securing Gold Medal at Tokyo 2020 (or is 2021?) next year. 

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Links: WADABritish Paralympic Association, Olympics, UK Anti-Doping, Global Athlete, Metis Athlete, Chron’s Disease.

Voiceovers provided by actor Henry Hereford (Crossbones, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and True Blood).