Episode five:

the athlete entrepreneur – with callum skinner



#005 – If Athletes: The Other Side was tailor made for any one athlete out there, it must be Callum Skinner. The Olympic Champion, who scored his greatest success in the Rio de Janeiro Velodrome at the 2016 Games, has clocked up more ‘other side’ successes in the 18 months since his retirement from the track – and by the mere age of 28 – than many athletes will manage in a lifetime.

Symbolising a new breed of athlete reformers taking a grip on Olympic sport, Callum, in his prominent role as Lead Athlete of athlete-led movement, Global Athlete, has been taking on organisations such as the International Olympic Committee with his plans for shaking up how Olympic sport should be run. With a burgeoning career in sports governance, he also sits on the athlete bodies of the British Olympic Association and UK Anti-Doping.

In this fifth outing of Athletes: The Other Side, Callum talks to host and friend Ben Nichols about this and much more, including the two new businesses he has launched this year, in the wildly different markets of coffee and cycling – and all this, despite Covid-19.

Hear more about the Scotsman’s pursuits in sports marketing, sport science, business and more – and prepare to be inspired by an athlete going places. 

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Links: WADA, Team GB, Olympics, British Cycling, Global Athlete, HindSight, 5 Rings Coffee

Voiceovers provided by actor Henry Hereford (Crossbones, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and True Blood).