what I do

I offer a diverse skillset. From managing some of the most challenging crises in the industry's history, to overseeing the most professional press offices in sport, I have a wealth of experience across all facets of the communications sector.

communications strategy

II have made my name creating cutting-edge communications strategies that turn heads and put brands “on the map”, so it’s only natural to want to offer this service to you – so that you are on the map in no time. 

My strength lies in working with organisations, brands, events, leaders and athletes with untapped potential, and bringing their stories to life. This can’t be done on a whim, it has to be developed strategically and in line with you broader vision and objectives. That’s why I place huge importance in sitting down with you and developing a coherent strategy that your entire team can rally behind – and help execute. Discover more here.

communications audit

IAn honest and unbiased assessment of the internal and external communications surrounding a brand, organisation, athlete, event or leader. If you want to realise your Business Strategy, it’s essential to gauge what is being said about you, who is saying it and the perception it is creating – because perception equals reality. If you’re putting in the hard yards but not talking about it, then you are leaving untapped potential for your brand. It’s time to assess whether your talking is really doing the talking. 

I offer you an extensive, objective overview of your brand so that you can make the right decisions and ensure that you’re on track to deliver your business objectives. To do this, I will look at the tools and strategies you use to assess how relevant they are in achieving your objectives, and to determine how effectively you are communicating compared to your competitors. I will look at your tone of voice – and whether that’s really you – and examine the impact your communications are having both within the four walls of your organisation and outside in the wider world. Discover more here.

the written word

The impact of the written word in a 280-character digital world cannot be underestimated. Speeches, statements, articles and other forms of the written word often cut through where a tweet or a social post fail. 

I have put pen to paper for the leading newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, written Opinion Articles that have led and directed the agendas of international sports organisations, championed athlete rights and stimulated policy change through the written word. I have written Opening Ceremony speeches for the Commonwealth Games and agenda-setting speeches for anti-doping leaders. 

In a world where people’s attention spans are short, the immediate head-turning impact of the written word has never been more important. That’s why I am here to help you develop and deliver those crucial words that create conversations and have the impact you are after. Discover more here.

event media operations

hheheing my  myI’ve run Press Office and Event operations for the world’s most prestigious sporting events, from the Commonwealth Games to the ATP and WTA Dubai Tennis Championships, and from an F1 Team’s Press Operations to the IRB Rugby Sevens World Cup in Dubai – we now offer rights holders and event organisers our own Event Media Operations package. 

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, I plan and implement the infrastructure required to make life easier for your staff and media on-site. This includes developing operational plans and training your staff so that they are ready for any eventuality. I help write and distribute your media materials so that everyone is in-the-know with the information that matters. And I plan and manage your Media Conferences and Events so that you present your event in the best possible light. I manage the media – athlete interview liaison process so that all stakeholders are relaxed and can focus on what matters to them. As an experienced interviewer myself, I can help by speaking to the star athletes and showing their personalities to the fans and stakeholders that want to hear from them.

With the Media Operations programme, I can help take the stress out of your event. Discover more here.

athlete exit strategy: a forward-looking pr programme

Elite athletes are used to performing at the very top of their profession. However, when retirement approaches, the next chapter can seem daunting, overwhelming even. I support athletes, helping them create a platform to make the transition from competition to their non-playing careers easier – by helping them showcase the very best that their personal brand has to offer. 

Every athlete has a personal story. I help athletes to tell their story and use it to highlight their distinct personality and brand as they enter the next exciting instalment of their lives. Whether it be helping an athlete create their own website, launching a media blitz, developing their own tone of voice through targeted statements and speech writing or identifying the right events to participate in, I work with athletes to highlight their distinct personality and ensure they are remembered for more than what they achieved on the field of play. Discover more here.